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Helping parents learn how they can minister, pray with their children at home and grow as families in the word and love of Jesus.

what is KidsCovenant?

Covenants are sacred, two-way promises between God, and ourselves, the conditions of which are set by Him.  A KidsCovenant helps your child or teen not only create their own two-way promise, but fully understand the relationship they’re establishing with Jesus through their covenant, and the joy it will bring to their lives and their family. It is through their own KidsCovenant that they will realize the power and blessings of a personal relationship with Jesus.

KidsCovenant will help you build a relationship between your child and Jesus, while strengthening the bond of your entire family.



Fred helps equip parents with the critical tools they need to connect their children to God and build a strong family bond.


Whether it’s a small group or larger audience, Fred’s performances engage and inspire, with timeless parables and loving messages.


Fred finds the way through cultural and peer struggles, to help kids find their way to God and help them build a lasting relationship with Him.


Street fairs, conferences, camps, keynote speaking, virtual appearances… Fred’s done it all. His passion and charisma will capture and win over your audience.

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The KidsCovenant program works in any size venue, whether it be a small family group setting or in large conference hall. Connect with us to learn more.

meet Fred Pettet

creator of KidsCovenant

children’s pastor
communicator / performer

Fred Pettet is an engaging, spiritually gifted minister with a big heart and a deep passion to help children fall in love with Jesus.

For most of his  life, Fred has been ministering to children and families, helping them better connect with and build a strong covenant with Jesus. He’s traveled the United States and nine countries around the world, starred in a widely successful children’s television series, produces teaching videos for younger children and fulfills a Gospel vision that is still relevant today.

In Fred’s work, the salvational message is always the focus as parents learn how they can minister, pray with their children at home and grow as families in the word and love of Jesus.

Contact Fred today to learn more about bringing the KidsCovenant program to your audience or family.

spreading the KidsCovenant message in many ways

In Person

Fred thrives on in-person environments, to bring the message of God’s love to families and smaller groups.


Virtual, one-on-one sessions can reach into your home and directly engage your family with personalized messages and guidance.

On Stage

Fred is an exceptionally gifted speaker at camps, churches, conferences, schools and other types of events.

kind words

five reasons to book Fred

A dynamic experience that engages kids with puppetry, videos, activities and interactive games.

A message with meaning that equips kids to overcome social pressures.

A secret recipe that cuts through digital isolation and sparks conversations that matter.

A unique approach that unfolds the message of the Bible with lasting impact.

A lifetime committed to sharing the love, promise and power of Jesus.

fred in action

Family Action Agents for younger children

Fred has more than 30 years of television and video production experience, and has starred in his own highly successful Christian Broadcasting Network cable show.

Fred’s website, Family Action Agents, showcases interactive videos and games using animated learning tools and his own puppetry/ventriloquism skills. These engaging videos are packed with bible stories and lessons aimed at younger children, and are perfect in either a family or group setting. Visit Family Action Agents to view samples and purchase.

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Let Fred help your group, family or children fall in love with Jesus and build a lasting KidsCovenant. Call or email today to book an appearance or one-on-one session.

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